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Halloween Spooooky Spider Cupcakes! 

There is nothing more fun than to make (mmmm I mean eat) creative food during holidays. Halloween is my all time favorite holiday to get creative. I have made these spooky spider cupcakes a few times and they are always a big hit. Try them out and let me know what you think.  

  So the chocolate cupcakes look the best but I usually make a few flavors (for those whacky people that don’t like chocolate). 

1st add chocolate icing on top of the baked cupcake. Then cover the icing with brown sprinkles to look like little spidy hairs. 

2nd use a little vanilla icing for the eyes and add Reese pieces (or m&ms if you like different colored eyes). 

3rd add the spidy legs! This was the most time consuming part. I used the cherry pull n peel twizzler candy. 

4th- Enjoy!! Happy Holidays! 

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