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Being pregnant and engaged has turned me into a girly girl…. WEIRD!

I grew up playing sports and wrestling with brothers. I don’t have any sisters and have always been outnumbered by the boys. I don’t think I have been downright boyish, but I would say that I have always been a “tomboy”. Given the choice over nike shorts and a t-shirt or a dress?? ummmm I am choosing the shorts every day.

Ever since I found out I was pregnant something about me has changed just a little. I think the idea of being a mom makes me feel so grown up and girly (and I like it). I have changed my hair 4 times during this pregnancy and worry more about my skin and nails than I ever have. I still haven’t stopped wearing my “kindergarten boy outfits” as my mother likes to call them 🙂 but I do look forward to girly dress up days. I was so thrilled when I found out I was having a boy because the thought of having to fix a little girls hair is enough to stress me out haha. I wouldn’t even know where to begin if my baby girl asked me to braid her hair or make it look pretty. But now, I think I am up for the challenge!!

I spend many hours a week dreaming, planning, and brainstorming about my wedding next year. I have always pictured me throwing together a good party but nothing too girly or fancy. Well, let me tell you, everything I look at these days seems to be so damn girly and princess-like. ( I am thinking and kind of hoping this changes some when I am no longer pregnant ).  Is this just me??


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