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35.5 weeks pregnant and still working…. FUN!

So today I am 35.5 weeks pregnant, having those false contractions every few days, constant back pain, swollen ankles & hands, using the bathroom every 15 minutes, and all those other fun symptoms that come with the joys of being pregnant. Some women make this pregnancy thing look like a walk in the park on a Sunday morning after eating beignets and having coffee in New Orleans. For me, I just make it look grumpy and no fun haha!!

Each morning gets harder and harder to wake up and each working day seems to be getting longer and longer. Women should get some sort of award or BONUS for working while pregnant. I really don’t think many men in this world could accomplish such a thing each day.

I have to admit I have been somewhat of a coffee drinker during these last few weeks. I cut coffee out the first 4.5 months (mainly because I was so sick I hated the taste of it). For now, I am back to WATER at work and it seems to make me feel more energetic than the coffee. Oh, and I pee less with water – go figure! For all you girlies out there pregnant, sleepy, and trying to make it through the day without nap time – TRY MORE WATER, IT HELPS!


I can’t exactly describe the feelings and emotions I have about my baby boy right now. More than anything I feel anxious for him to be here. I am extremely nervous about going into labor. I am the happiest I have ever been. I feel like a mom already. I feel like I already know him, his likes, his dislikes, I know him already! I feel scared that I won’t know what to do in the middle of the night when he is crying or has the hiccups. I feel tired but healthy all in the same. I feel blessed to be his mom. I feel more love for my fiancé than I ever thought possible. Watching Matt light up when he talks about Maverick is the best part of my day. Listening to him talk to his friends and family about how Maverick will be the starting pitcher for the Cubs or the QB for Notre Dame is the cutest thing I have ever heard. I don’t know what all this journey has planned for us but I do know this baby will be loved more than he can stand. And for that- I feel happy, grateful, and appreciative every day!


3 thoughts on “35.5 weeks pregnant and still working…. FUN!

  1. You’re amazing for all of this!!! (Someone better be telling you this). I agree, men could NOT do it. I cannot even imagine a man giving birth. But then again I can’t imagine myself doing it either!! Haha. 🙂

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