tick, tick, tick… where’s the snooze on this biological clock?


Pushing Daisies, uh I mean 30

I’m 29 and 30 is approaching rapidly… a little over 9 months to go.. ha 9 months.. So as with any woman my age baby fever has set in. The people around me have started having kids, AND on purpose, the traitors! I can’t say its always been in my plan, kids that is. Growing up I wasn’t so much a baby person as everyone else. I’ve always been kind of weirded out by that soft spot on their heads, it’s like a self destruct button and I have vivid nightmares of touching it and terrible things happening.. The Soft Spot killer, see that’s what they’d call me! Dramatic, I know.. kids are tougher than you think, yada yada yada. The damn spot still freaks me out. Anyways, cut to my 28th birthday.. I’m in the hospital watching my twin sister give birth to her first little kiddo (yea all…

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