A little about Ashton

2My name is Ashton and I was born and raised in Ocean Springs, Mississippi on the Gulf Coast (check out the link below to see why I love my city so much). I am a 27 year old woman living this beautiful life one day at a time. I am blessed with an amazing family and the best friends anyone could ask for. I have an amazing fiancé that I am crazy in love with and soon to be a first time mommy. I work full-time, attend college (when I can afford it), and simply enjoy life. I am a former college athlete and am currently interested in a million and 1 things. Most days I believe that this life is too good to be true and I am very appreciative for each day I am given. And just like so many of you out there, I am stumbling through life 1 day at a time!


Why on earth did I decide to blog??

To be perfectly honest… I think I am starting this blog due to the fact that I am getting very anxious / nervous about being a first time mommy next month! I have all of this built up energy and no where to make use of any of it. Well… not really physical energy, more like I am a head case. My brain is non-stop these days. I am starting this blog to channel some of these “crazy ideas and thoughts” into something somewhat productive. Let’s just hope I stick it out, I have always wanted to be a BLOGGER!

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