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Get a little creative with your thank you gifts!

Sometimes it is really hard to decide on an appropriate thank you gift for someone. I have finally decided that $$$ isn’t always the best answer on this. When someone is hosting or co-hosting a party for you they are usually (well they should be) doing it because they care about you and want the day to be all about you. While giving a host/hostess a thank you gift is not “textbook” required, it is appropriate and acceptable.

This is a great time to get creative and crafty! Make the gift special without spending a fortune. You are most likely being thrown a party for a special occasion (wedding, baby, etc., so no one should expect you to match their money spent on a thank you gift). The best thank you gifts I have been given were less than $15.

For my latest baby shower (which I will be posting about soon), I had 6 family members hosting. Instead of spending a bunch of $ for each gift I did my best to make it special for each of them. For 3 of the gifts I went to Marshall’s (my fave) and found some very cute and inexpensive picture frames. Everyone loves a cute picture frame (ESPECIALLY grandparents). To add a little creativeness and personal touch I put a little note inside each frame.


Isn’t it so cute 🙂

I found some cute gift bags at Target and added another little personal note on the bag!


Another creative gift I like to give is “From my shower to yours.” It’s easy to find a few cheap bath items, what person doesn’t love a good bath accessory?? , and throw them in a gift bag. Whaa Lahh “from my shower to yours.” If you have the time and like to get extra creative, a homemade sugar scrub is always a nice gift.

IMG_3440               IMG_3442

I put the items in the cute bags, put them in a gift box, slapped a girly ribbon on top, and gift away!!! If you don’t have the time to get crafty or creative….. Well, I’ve never seen anyone frown over a bottle of wine 🙂

2 thoughts on “Get a little creative with your thank you gifts!

  1. I love the ‘from my bath to yours’ idea! A friend on mine is celebrating her bday this month and I’m looking for inexpensive and yet fun-for-the-recipient ideas 🙂 This is so timely. Thanks!

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