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My first official baby shower….. SURPRISE!!!!

So my first official baby shower was a complete surprise and I loved it. My co-workers planned a little surprise shower for me at work. Now I know most women plan little after work or lunch showers for other women at work, but let me just say I never expected to have one at work. I am completely outnumbered by men in my office. I work inside a refinery so the men to women ratio is insane. Anyways, lets just say it was unexpected and very nice of them to organize for me.

Throwing together a small shower or party for someone that least expects is one of the greatest things you can do for someone (as long as they enjoy surprises). It really makes a person feel loved and appreciated. Sooo don’t be scared to plan a little gathering for someone and make their day, it goes a long way I promise!

*This post was meant for me simply to just remember this day! It was a happy one.

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