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For those like me that don’t want a Gender Reveal Party!

So let me start by saying that I have been to many Gender Reveal parties and loved every one of them. I think they are so fun and exciting (when hosted the right way). If you had one or are planning one please don’t think I am bashing the idea because I definitely am NOT. It was just my personal preference to not have the party. My fiancé and I decided to reveal the gender in private. We had the doctor’s office place our baby’s gender in an envelope and we opened it together, just us!

Matt & I went to the beach right after the appointment and walked out to the end of our favorite pier. (The same pier he proposed to me on 🙂 ). For us, the moment was so special and we chose to keep it between us. We both cried and were beyond thrilled when we found out we were having a baby boy. We would have been excited either way but we were pulling hard for a BOY!

IMG_2809 IMG_2810

Even though we chose to find out ASAP, we still wanted to surprise our friends and families. We decided to get a little creative and crafty. Like I have mentioned and will probably mention 1,000 more times, I have the most amazing friends in this world. I met most of my closest friends in college my freshman year. We all played college softball together and have been inseparable the last 10 years. I decided to take them to dinner and give them a little surprise gift to let them know the gender. Matt & I only have brothers so our babies don’t technically have an aunt, only uncles. Maverick’s aunts will be all of my best friends :).

I wanted to make it creative and fun for them so this is what I came up with: I made them each a bag and had onesies made for their gift. It turned out so cute and they loved them. The wording on the onesies was in BLUE print with little BLUE baby footprints on them. Now Maverick has spare outfit at each of their houses for when he goes to visit. (The onesies read: I love my Aunt Blair, I love my Aunt Lanie, I love my Aunt Keesha, I love my Aunt Jew).

bags IMG_2822

For our families we decided to make them boxes. We went to Target and Walmart and stocked up on anything BLUE & cheap we could find. We filled the boxes with blue balloons, packs of baby wipes, onesies, tissue paper, toy trucks, baby bottles, and of course the traditional “It’s a Boy” sign.


The fun part of this was the way we delivered the boxes. The night before Mother’s Day (perfect timing we thought) we drove to each house and left their box on the front porch. I was the driver (getaway car) and Matt was the runner. Around 11-12 that night he ran each box up and quietly sat them on their porches for them to see the next morning. We went back home so excited about the adventure!!! The next morning we sat patiently as they each called us 1 by 1 after opening the box. It was such a fun way for us and for them to reveal the gender.


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