Random Thoughts


 Happy Monday! Or should I say “happy 1st Monday Night Football / post NFL Sunday / everyone at work thinks they should be coaching in the NFL”.

Finally, football season is here. I don’t know what we even do in the South on Sunday’s when it’s not football season. Actually I do know, we talk about how we wish it was football season :). I have always enjoyed being a part of something bigger than myself. Being on a team. Helping with a fundraiser. Going to church. These kinds of activities have always brought a little joy to my heart and can be so motivating and encouraging. Being a sports fan is no different. To me, it allows the masses to come together and pull for something larger than themselves. It’s truly moving and can be emotional. After Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005 the Gulf Coast area didn’t have much to be excited about. It was a devastating time and left many people feeling lost and abandoned. When the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl in 2009 it put so much life back into the area. The Saints gave us hope. They gave us something to look forward to. They moved us.

Whatever team you are a fan of or whatever sport you are a fan of, let them inspire you and motivate you. There is nothing more rewarding than being a part of something larger than yourself and having it succeed. If you are not a sports fan… well… as my best friend from AL would say “Bless Your Heart”. JK!! If you are not a sports fan you can just secretly pull for the New Orleans Saints when in doubt (Lord knows they need the help). Happy Football Season 2015 & Who Dat 🙂


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