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The first trimester (sparing you all the details): There is nothing “glowing” or “miraculous” about morning sickness:

image                      image

Let me start this by saying that “morning” sickness is a crock of shit. For me it was more like morning, mid-morning, lunch time, and afternoon sickness. My guess is some male doctor somewhere called it morning sickness to trick pregnant women into thinking they should only feel bad in the mornings. Many women are blessed and never experience this symptom (for those women: I truly ENVY you).

It most certainly did not help that my alarm goes off at 4:30am for work. 4:30am…… yeah that should be illegal. I never felt like I could get enough sleep and I dreaded even moving in the morning. It never failed, for weeks and weeks I was the chick pulled over on the side of the road each morning getting sick. It was extra lovely when strangers would drive by and honk their horn at me while I was heaving in the ditch. Nothing makes a woman feel sexier!!!  I tried every home remedy and ritual I could get my hands on. Nothing seemed to work. I read article after article and hundreds of pregnancy blogs looking for anything that would help me. (The only thing that ever made me feel better was to read a post or article from a woman that was going through or went through the same thing I was at the time. It gave me a feeling of comfort, as crazy as that sounds, to know that I was not the only one having this dreadful experience. Hints: a big inspiration for starting this blog).

I consider myself a pretty tough woman but nothing has ever made me feel so weak and helpless. If your pregnancy starts off anything like mine did just remember these words: IT IS ONLY TEMPORARY & IT DOES GET BETTER! A few things some people will not tell you about the early stages of pregnancy (Each woman and pregnancy is different so I’ve been told. These are just my experiences):

Smell:  I am pretty sure I could smell a pickle if it was 1 mile away from me. *nothing smells good anymore* I changed out all of our cleaning products, soaps, detergents, candles, and shampoos because I could not stand the smell. This helped for 1 whole day. Then I realized that I hated the smell of all the new products too. My advice: go odorless when possible!

Sex: Forget. About. It.

My Body: I mostly felt drained all day. Even the wind was enough pressure to make my boobs hurt (they became so sensitive and sore). My overall appearance and weight did not change very much, in fact I lost some weight and muscle during the first few months. Mainly I just looked so tired all of the time, which I was.

My Brain: Whaaaaat Brain?!? I became so forgetful and absent minded all the time (haha) I felt like an airhead. I liked to refer to this as “Pregnant Brain”.

My Mood: Grouchy. Happy. Aggravated. Sad. Emotional. In Love. Angry. Happy. Mad. Happy. Grouchy. (and that was all from about 5am-8am and then it would start back over) *my fiancé really loved me during these few weeks*

The best days during my first trimester were my doctor’s visits. I truly loved seeing my baby on the ultrasound screen and hearing his little heart beat. Even though I was not “glowing” during this time, I still felt so much love when I would hear that little heart beat.


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