All About Mav

The Calm Before the Storm

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Where it all began for me and Mav:

For me, this pregnancy journey begins on New Year’s Day 2015. I am sitting at my mom’s house feeling extremely hung over and full. All of us (mom, stepdad, brother, sister-in-law, niece, matt) were basically rolling around in pain from all the drinking the night before and the excessive amount of food we had just eaten. Pork chops (fried of course). Cabbage. Black Eyed Peas. Beer. Beer. Dessert. And most likely another beer. My mom pitched the idea to start a weight loss competition since we were all feeling so miserable from the holidays and everyone jumped on board. We teamed up (as couples) and all weighed in. Matt and I weighed in at XXX lbs. (Wayyyyy more than we wanted to). We set a few rules and decided to weigh back in as a couple on March 1st. Each team put up $100. Teams: 1. My Mom & Step Dad. 2. My Brother & his Wife. 3. Me & Matt (my super hot fiancé).

We were all very determined to lose weight (actually the only thing keeping us motivated was the thrill of beating each other). Anytime I would crave a donut all Matt had to say was “Do you want your brother to beat us” and I would grab water instead. Long story short: we worked hard and gave up lots of our favorites (BEER, fast food, pizza, BEER). This lasted a few weeks until Mardi Gras Saturdays! We doubled up in the gym so we could enjoy Mardi Gras in proper Gulf Coast fashion. And we did just that!! Mid-February we were in full swing. We had lost a good bit of weight and still partying hard for Mardi Gras season. We already had plans to take a weekend trip to New Orleans if and when we won that $300 on March 1st. Then BOOM….. I got sick as a dog. Sick like walk into a restaurant and walk right back out because the smell was overwhelming. Sick like a week’s worth of nausea and vomiting. The only thing in my mind at the time was; well maybe my body is rejecting this “diet lifestyle”. Sounded like a reasonable excuse at the time. Then one night we went to eat with my family at a restaurant and I had to run out and get sick. Poor Matt had to take me home (and miss his favorite fish tacos for dinner) and care for me. On the way home we joked “I bet my whole family thinks I am pregnant”. It wasn’t until the next day when we realized “HOLY SHIT, maybe we are pregnant.” That was the night that would change our lives.


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